Meet our wonderful and talented Tattoo and piercing artists over here at American Irons Tattoo. Find a little out about their background, passions for their art, see their wonderful smiling mugs, and check out their wicked work. Then, of course, come in and visit them!


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Mike Pfau

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When other kids were entertaining such young entrepreneurial dreams as owning and operating a local lemonade stand or poking dead things with a stick, Mike Pfau was furiously scribbling tattoo design ideas with a Sharpie. Since then, Mike has made his passion for art and the tattoo lifestyle into a life-long pursuit. With well over a decade of professional experience under his belt, Mike’s designs and passion for quality tattooing have led to the permanently meaningful beautifying of many folks epidermis.


Margaret Beam

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Ward Basset - Tattoo artist at American Irons Tattoo & PiercingWard Basset

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